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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Living green means investing in me and you!

Here it is the new year! I will take a closer look at my budget, read more living green ways to save and start investing in me....and ....the kids.......and you can too!

These economic times call for living green investing. So, I will kick off the year and post each week on ways to save, budget, sew cool stuff (re purpose & re gift) post more recipes from the fridge and find ways to invest in our family savings.

Oh....what savings! Yikes! Need one of those. So, I started off reading yesterday's budget article, that stated that I should be budgeting 40% of my income for: Short term, Long term, Emergency fund and retirement. Yikes!!!!! Don't have those yet either.

Were to start! Well if I did that I would not have enough for the mortgage. Well and there is food, bills and not get me started on those costs.

Well, what to do then. Here is a start for now.....week one for me!

I will finnish this month by sticking to the idea that next month, I will have a 10% budget for the above saving ideas. Let's just see how this goes! Oh and now would be a great time for me to live green and think of ways to save on other things. Hmmmm!

So, what do you do if you do not have a budget to budget?

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